Walter L. Fox Post No. 2

The American Legion

2019 Post Officers Elected

In accordance with the By-Laws of Walter L. Fox Post No. 2, The American Legion, 2019 Post Officers were elected by the membership.  Voting will took place on May 14th from 11:00 am until 7:30 pm Voting was by walk in at any time during the specified hours.  The following positions were on the ballot, the balance of the officers having run unopposed and elected by confirmation:

First Vice Commander:  Charles “Chuck” Parisan

For Chaplain*:  Courtney Settle



 *Chaplain is currently vacant due to Ms. Settle’s resignation from the position.  Volunteers to fill the position will be considered by the Executive Committee.

Volunteer Opportunities at Post 2

There is always lots to do at Post 2 which means plenty of chances to volunteer some time to help move YOUR Post forward.

Watch this space for updates and contact info.


Help is needed in all aspects of one of our biggest fund raisers


VARIOUS MEMORIAL EVENTS (Memorial Day, Patriots Day, POW/MIA Ceremonies, Veterans’ Day, Independence Day Parade)



Pavilion parties, Hall rentals, General miaintenance around the Post.

Please don’t be afraid to volunteer!  There’s always something to do!


Non-Smoking Question Final Update


By action of the General Membership on November 13, 2018, the Fox Lounge, entrance foyer and bathrooms, along with the office spaces, will be non-smoking. The downstairs Clubroom, including the Pool Room, shall remain as a smoking area for Legion members and their guests.  Friday Night Bingo will still permit smoking and smoking at hall rental functions will be at the discretion of the  parties renting  space.  Lounge and Clubroom hours of operation will be at the discretion of the Post Home Manager, with approval of the Post Home Supervisory Committee, in order to maximize the revenues from these operations.