The memorial team that handles the funeral ceremonies for American Legion Post 2 on Bay Road is threatened by time, illness and death.

           The team stands Honor Guard over members’ coffins at funeral homes and churches, plays “Taps” at the graveyards and hands the folded flag to the widow or the family before marching away.

           “I’ve got four members I can count on,” said Nelson Dodd, 80, Team Chairman and Walter L. Fox Post Chaplain. The ideal is seven, said Dodd, “six people to fold the flag and one man to play the bugle. When I do it, I can blow the bugle and then go over and fold the flag. I can do it with three or four people.”

           Death and illness have thinned the ranks of the older members of the team, according to Dodd. Younger members cannot leave work to participate in daytime funerals.

           “What we need are younger, retired guys,” said Assistant Chaplain Mike Connelly. “They can show up any time.”

           The process begins with a call to Chaplain Dodd from a funeral director, after the member’s family has requested the team’s presence. “We don’t respond directly to families,” said Dodd. “The request must come from the funeral home.”

           “We go to the funerals. We stand Honor Guard at the coffin,” said Connelly, 81. “The ceremony includes placing a poppy in the hands of the deceased, saying a short prayer, then slow marching out of the church or funeral home.

           “If we go to the cemetery, we fold the flag off the coffin into the traditional triangle and present it to the widow or family. We do it in any kind of weather.”

           If a branch of the Armed Forces is handling the funeral, Legion members stand aside as an Honor Guard to pay their respects.

           The unit began informally in the 1970s and became a formal part of the Post in 1994, according to John Endres, 2nd Vice Commander of the Delaware American Legion, a former Fox Post Commander.

Contact: Nelson Dodd 302-697-1420

Walter L. Fox Post No. 2

The American Legion

2018 Post Officers Elected

In accordance with the By-Laws of Walter L. Fox Post No. 2, The American Legion, 2018 Post Officers were elected by the membership.  Voting took place on May 8th and the following officers were elected, by vote or acclimation:

Commander:  Tammy Hull

First Vice Commander:  Mike Windows

Second Vice Commander:  J. J. Riggins (appointed)

Chaplain:  Rob Tyler

Historian:  Richard Benedict

Sargent-at-Arms:  Brian Lee

Executive Committeemen:  Chuck Parisan, Jim Cole, Bill Stevenson and T. R. Price

Steward at Large:  Chaunte Roberts


Congratulations to the new and returning officers!



Volunteer Opportunities at Post 2

There is always lots to do at Post 2 which means plenty of chances to volunteer some time to help move YOUR Post forward.

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Set up, Line up, Parade Marshalls, After-parade party at the Post



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VARIOUS MEMORIAL EVENTS (Patriots Day, POW/MIA Ceremonies, Veterans’ Day)